[My] Happiness

My happiness is an infinite puzzle the pieces of which are the moments I relish.

No theories. Just the ingredients of my moments. I wish I had snapshots for some of these ingredients; but since I don’t, just visualise them.

One touch. Coffee with cinnamon flavour. One senior couple in love. A glass of red wine. A theatre play. The rising sun. Greece. The smile on a beggar’s face. Daydream. Walking barefooted. Dance. Poppies. Coloured glass. My friends. The line of a wave on sand. Green colour. “Stop chasing shadows, just enjoy the ride”. One shape. Beauty through my eyes. A good professional. A drop of sensuality. Sharing happiness. Hooverphonic. An owl.

And the list could go on and on.

Sometimes free, sometimes expensive, the happiness I wear deep inside my soul will never be about cash.

Vibrate.  Be happy for a reason because there’s always one.

Enjoy your happiness!


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